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United Nations Economic and Social Council

Assessing the role of Sustainable Development Goals in tackling violence and socio-economic instability with special emphasis on Areas of political vulnerability and conflict.

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Priority Theme : Social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.


 Review Theme :  Women’s equal participation in conflict prevention, management and resolution and in post-conflict peace-building (2004/12 -  Agreed Conclusions of the 48th Session).

Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Discussing the growth of private military and security companies.

International Organization for Migration

Facilitation and regulation of migration with special emphasis on forced migration in South and South East Asia.

World Health Assembly

Global strategy on Health, Environment, and Climate change: The transformation needed to improve lives and well being sustainably through a healthy environment.

International Press