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 Executive Board Members

   Karishma Kharbanda
        Chairperson, UNCSW
     Sanjana Priyaranjan
      Vice Chairperson, UNCSW
 Tamanna Tasneem Krity
       Chairperson, ECOSOC
    Saptarshi Majumder
    Vice Chairperson, ECOSOC
         Arnav Patnaik
  Chairperson, UNGA-SPECPOL
           Sushma Pandey
  Vice Chairperson, UNGA-SPECPOL
        Abhigyan Saha
            Chairperson, IOM
           Dipam Paul
        Vice Chairperson, IOM
          Kapish Sanga
             Chairperson, WHA
     Ananya Chatterjee
        Vice Chairperson, WHA
          Sritik Ratha
        Photographer In Chief
       T A Nagalakshmi
              Editor In Chief